The school takes pride among others in the following traditions.

Always to be friendly with one another.
1. To avoid vulgarity in one’s talk and behaviour.
2. To accept assignments and setting task for achieving goals.
3. To greet elders, teachers, parents, relatives and to rise when Principal, teachers or visitors enter their classrooms.
4. To respect and care for personal books or those of the school library.
5. To maintain the beauty of the school premises and report any damage which may occur.
6. To avoid litter in the school premises and further pick-up any such litter made by others.
7. To stop others from making litter, noise, damage or unruly behaviour.
8. To learn and observe good manners.
9. To always respect other religions, ever to be conscious that true nobility exists in being honest and sincere, decent and polite in speech, behaviour and action.